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Beijing CN-FT JOVI Technology & Trading Co., Ltd is a professional International Business Company, which set up in Beijing, China.

JOVI keeps in mind that “Professional & Reliable, Worthy of your Trust”, and we also own the management of “Create Value for our Customers”.

We commit to Li-ion Battery Material and its Accessories exporting and importing, Electrical Shielding Material, Medical Protective Equipment and Accessories, Medical Sensory Product, Electromechanical Equipment, Building Materials and Rare Magnetic Powder.

We mainly export and import LiPF6, Power Lead Tab for Li-ion Battery, Al Pouch Film, Special Chemical additives, Shield Copper Foils and offer One-Stop Solution for MRI/RF/CT Room Project, Precision high-end detector and etc.

We have customers and suppliers worldwide, such as Korea, Japan, USA, German, Canada, UK, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Lithunia, Singapore, Bangladesh, The Kingdom of Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Chile, Poland, Argentina, Australia, Netherlands, Greece, Taiwan area in China, Kenya, Czech Republic, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Peru, Israel, Philippines, Italy, Indonesia, Egypt, Uganda (UN Project), Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, India, South Africa, Mexico, The Republic of Ecuador, Iraq, Georgia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Kyrghyzstan, Libya, Hungary, Switzerland, Finland, Iran, France, Vietnam, Israel, Brazil, and other areas in China and etc.

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